Skin types and solutions

Skin types and solutions

Skin has many types. Today, we will tell you about different skin types and solutions.  People may have oily, sensitive, dry or normal skin. Sometime people have combination of skins on different parts of their skin. It is also observed that skin type changes with the passage of time. For example most of youngsters have normal skin as compared to old people. Basically different types of skin depend on following factors: Water, oil and sensitivity. Water contents decide the elasticity and smoothness of your skin. Oil which is in the form of lipids decides the softness of your skin. Normal skin has following factors. By the presence of these factors you can declare the skin in soft category. Normal skin is not too much dry or oily. It has only few or very less is less sensitive. Sometimes it bare pores. Its complexion is very radiant.Skin types and solutions

Dry skin has following characteristics. Due to these characters you can easily identify the dry skin. Mostly dry skin produce invisible has dull and rough contains red patches. Its elasticity is less as compared to normal skin. You can observe visible lines on dry skin. When dry skin is exposed to dry factors it mostly can peel crack or itchy. Very dry skin becomes scaly especially on the back of hands, arms and legs. Reasons behind the dry skin: genetic factors, aging and hormonal changes, critical weather and ultraviolet rays and meditation. Oily skin also has its own factors and you can identify it by them. For example it produces large pores. It may be dull or shiny and has thick complexion. Blackheads and pimples are mostly produce on oily skin. Change in environment mostly effects on oily skin. Oily skin changes with factors. Age and weather are the changing factors for oily skin. Puberty or imbalance in hormones can make oily skin worse. Stress also damages the oily skin. If you expose oily skin to heat or humidity, it can damage. Sensitive skin can show up redness, dryness, itching and burning. If you have sensitive skin then try to find out the reasons, in this way you can avoid them. There are many reasons for sensitive skin but mostly it is happened due to chemical products. Combination skin may be dry, normal or oily on some areas of skin. Mostly differ on T- zone area (nose, chin and forehead).shiny skin is mostly a combination skin. It can produce blackheads and dilated pores.

These are tips for all types of skin. You can try them to make your skin healthy and younger. Use a sunscreen that can protect your skin by UVA and UVB rays. Protect your skin from sun-rays and wear hat and sunglasses. Avoid smoking and drink water frequently. Wash your skin 3 times in a day. Never go to bed with wearing makeup. Moisturize your skin on daily bases. Here are Tips for the care of dry skin only. Take bath once in a day. Use only mild and gentle soaps and avoid the deodorant soaps. Don’t scrub.

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