A Simple Solution to Weight Loss

A Simple Solution to Weight Loss

The biggest concern with men and their weight is a big gut and man boobs! Men don’t diet you say! Well the word diet is well overused and for yourself right now, lets call it healthy eating.

Now you don’t want to eat the so called “diet foods” and if you are reading this you may even be sick of eating crappy fast food. You are feeling unfit and puffing at the slightest amount of energy you are exerting.  You feel like jelly and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym and feel like an idiot, standing out like a sore thumb amongst muscle grunting spray tanned hulks!

Do not be too hard on yourself, you may have got this way because you are just so busy at work, you have no me time and when you do there’s no energy. You feel tired and need to relax or you need to spend time with your family. Whatever the case food and exercise can often be the last thing we see as important when we are so busy prioritising our day with everything that has to be done, no exceptions.

Food is one of the biggest reasons men gain weight.

It’s easy to chow down on crisps and nuts while having a drink watching your favourite game. You are saying, well we do need to live a little too you know! Guess what you are right but not to excess all the time and bad food choices are what get you into this mess. Snack foods should be seen as a treat not the norm or a habit. You may not even necessarily eat bad foods it could just be too much of the good stuff!

Men generally put fat on in their upper body thats why the belly and chest are the first to suffer. The good news is most men also tend to shed fat quickly when eating the right foods and the right proportions while also expending some energy.

More good news…There is nice lean muscle under that layer of fat believe me, you just have to get to it. You need to know how to get rid of this fat in a healthy safe way and learn how to keep it off.

Can you start to feel what I am talking about here? All is not lost! You do not have to start with heavy weights and worry about what exercise you need to do.

The most important thing is getting your food right and knowing how much to eat and when. When I say when  means for example eating throughout the whole day instead of 3 large meals or skipping breakfast and having two larger meals.

Put your thoughts to eating frequently… yes actually eating and you’ll begin to notice you don’t get hungry. You will be surprised to discover that your body (metabolism) will be working on all cylinders to weight loss from your body using it for energy instead of relying on what you eat for energy and storing what you don’t use as fat.

You don’t want to feel hungry and you don’t want to eat like a rabbit. You want to be able to drink socially and have a drink with the boy’s,  you just need to know how to do it.

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