What is the Quickest Way to Lose Weight,

What is the Quickest Way to Lose Weight,

So, what is the quickest way to lose weight? Well that’s easy. But shouldn’t the real question be ‘what is the healthiest way to lose weight? And if you are wondering, there really is a big difference between the two.

Ok, so back to the first question. There are several things that one can do to weight loss fairly quicklty, and even though I am sharing this know that I do not condone these methods at all. Why? Because they can be very dangerous. You may be able to lose weight fast but you most likely will gain it back just as quick. In my experience there are three main ways to lose weight really fast: drinking lots of water, restricting calories, and lowering fat and carbohydrate intake.

Losing Water Weight: Losing water weight is a good thing sometimes and the way it is achieved is by drinking lots of water or over-sweating. Some estimate that the body stores of to 10 lbs. of water, this is a lot of excess weight. Drinking lots of water lets your body know that it doesn’t need to store water so you flush it out of your system. Drinking water is good.

But over-sweating can be dangerous if you don’t rehydrate yourself. I’m sure you have saw people jogging with what looks like big trash bags on, well these are sweat suits. They hold in body heat to make you sweat and lose more water weight. The loss of water weight is temporary though, your body will always keep a reservoir of water. But in my opinion this is the answer to what is the quickest way to lose weight.

Restriction of calories: Restricting your calorie intake is another good way to lose weight quickly. It can also be dangerous if you restrict too much. Your body needs so many calories a day. The healthy way to do this is to stay away from greasy and unhealthy foods. Once you go back to consuming your normal amount of calories, the weight you lost will then be regained.

Lowering carbohydrate and fat intake: Diets that are based around eating low carb foods only and not having fat in your diet is not good. There are good fats and carbs and bad fats and carbs. You should find out which ones are good and which are bad, then avoid the bad. The body need carbohydrates and fats for energy.

Even though these techniques allow you to weight loss quickly, they are not necessarily healthy. They may answer the question, what is the quickest way to lose weight, but maybe we should talk about the best way. The best way to lose weight is to plan a good diet that incorporates those good fats and carbs, cut back on portion sizes and eat more often, and choose a good exercies program that allows you to lose fat and build lean muscle.


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