A No Cost Method For Losing Weight Fast

A No Cost Method For Losing Weight Fast

Any idea what that ingredient might be?

This mystery ingredient has now also been proven to be the main cause of Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes and what is more alarming is that this ingredient is found in many of the fast foods advertised as “healthy” just about every where we look.

That ingredient is sugar, but more specifically, one particular component of sugar being Fructose.

Fructose is in fact, the “bad” half of sugar as we know it, and it is added in large quantities to almost all processed foods we eat daily, even the so called “health meal choices” available in every supermarket today.

It is now known to be the single most damaging ingredient causing the above mentioned diseases, but it also severely hampers our efforts in weight loss. Losing weight fast can be achieved, and sustained, simply by reducing our daily sugar intake, and is an added bonus for us living healthier lives. What is also known that Fructose acts as a poison in our systems, and as result of our bodies not being able to process Fructose, it is turned directly into fat.

This is the reason many people find losing weight fast such a problem. Very few of the commercial weight loss plans discuss Fructose at all, and rarely mention the problems associated with sugar in our diet.

Once we are more aware of reducing the number of foods containing Fructose, losing weight fast becomes a reality. Not only that, but we will actually improve our overall health as well.

While I was skeptical of this method when recommended by my doctor, I have found the weight loss to be amazing, losing 6 pounds in the first couple of weeks, and 22 pounds in just the first few months. I should add, all this weight was lost without any exercise! If that is not losing weight fast, nothing is!

All achieved without exercise, and only by removing foods containing Fructose from my diet.

Staying motivated is so much easier when losing weight fast is achieved.

I thank my doctor every time I see him now as weight loss for me in past has always been such a chore, and always difficult for me. I now wish to share this amazing method with as many other people as possible.

The question most people ask is: “Is just reducing sugar all that is needed?”

The answer is yes. One really amazing thing about reducing your sugar intake (for losing weight fast at least) is that exercise is not necessary at all.

Most people are usually skeptical of this method for losing weight fast too, but here is what you will need to do daily:

  • Reduce your sugar intake to less than 10 grams (four teaspoons) a day and,
  • Keep track of your calories on a daily basis.
  • Find yourself a free calorie counter to make calorie counting super easy.
  • Weigh yourself morning and evening, to keep track of your weight loss.

While this article has focused mainly on weight loss fast, as that is what most of us desire when we attempt to lose weight, the other very important fact about reducing Fructose in our diet, is that we are actually eating ourselves healthy!

Regardless of your goal, be it to lose a little or to lose a lot, if you can commit to reducing your sugar intake substantially, losing weight fast will just happen, and once you get through the fist four weeks, you will find everything becomes so much easier for you to manage and maintain this new healthy lifestyle.


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