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Healthiest Way to Lose Weight Fast

Weight has become an issue of concern to us. In the olden days, as we know, weight was a thing of pride. Women would prance about with their weight, feeling beautiful and well ‘taken care of’ by their husbands. Imagine how shocked they must have been to discover that weight was and is actually very bad for them. The situation has however turned around as ‘slim’ is now more admired and ‘fat’ is frowned at. Was it since the Miss World beauty pageant became popular? Or when Agbani Darego worn the crown, looking very radiant and beautiful.

People go to great lengths to lose weight these days. For me, I would recommend simple things which I practice myself, one of which is ‘Exercise’. A little exercise daily is very good for the health and for weight stability. Just the other day, my brother said to me, “Chinwe, please advice mummy to weight loss“. He made this statement because he had carried my grandmother up and down a flight of stairs and it was one of the most strenuous muscular tests he has ever had. My grandmother must have weighed well above 300 pounds! He never wants to do it again neither does he want such test of strength for his kids.

Let’s face facts here; there is nothing positively interesting about the body of a person with a lot of weight. The only interest anyone shows is:

1. Distaste (especially when a fat person is eating). One just thinks ‘He is fat and he is still eating’.

2. Pity, because it is believed that a person with a lot of weight cannot easily move about and carry out activities on his/her own.

3. Wonder. It is a thing to wonder about, seeing a weighty person. One just imagines ‘how on earth he/she got that big’.

4. Impatience. They tend to be slow in almost everything.

These among other things are undesirable things about weight which can affect the morale and self esteem.

…Do you still want to keep that weight? I guess not.

Here are some healthiest tips to lose weight.

• Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Break a sweat!

Break into streams of sweat! It’s good for you. It is a fast way to lose weight.

• Eat only to satisfaction.

Don’t keep eating until your tummy is full. Eat until you are satisfied. The difference is, when you are satisfied, you can consume more food but you have eaten an adequate quantity while when you are full, your tummy cannot contain more. You feel heavy after the meal and sometimes, have to sit for a while before you can easily move. It is an easy to weight loss.

• Eat at the right time.

It has been proven that eating after 7pm is a sure way to weight gain. I have witnessed it myself.

• Eat fruits and vegetables.

Try to avoid fatty food.

The embracing of ‘weight-lose’ is the beginning of top notch self esteem. Give it a try.



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