Hair Secrets for Men

Hair Secrets for Men

Hair Secrets for Men:

Hair needs maintenance in order to preserve elasticity, strength and shine. Hair is actually protein and keratin without blood supply or nervous system and has non-reparative qualities. Dandruff is a big problem with both men and women. Some are suffering from hair fall and other might be from brittle hairs. The following are some hair secrets for men:

Don’t let your hair being crisp

Low amount of protein and moisture in hair can cause crisp. To resolve this problem, you might use some moisturizing conditioner. Moisturizers are creams and lotions that are used to hydrate the skins. These Moisturizers may contain various types of essential oils, herbal extracts or chemicals for reducing irritation.

Get your hair cut regularly

There may be some damages to your hair. One true and easier way to get rid of is to get your haircut with regular intervals. Regular haircut helps you to get free from split ends of your hair. Get your haircut weekly is the most common interval of time. If someone wants to grow his/her hair long, he/she must get haircut at least monthly. If you want to grow your hair but you have split ends of your hair, then get your haircut is the most effective option you do have, but before your haircut you should tell you barber about this fact.

Avoid chemical usage on hair

Enlarging the length of your hair or for some protection by using chemicals may reversely affect your skin and your hair. Some chemical contain ingredients which cause greater amount of loss than their benefits on hair as well as on skin. Some chemicals suite only specific type of skins and when they are used on other type of skins, they might become the reason of infection and many other skin diseases. So, go to a professional physician before using any chemical to your skin as well as your hair. Some people use chemical to color their hair, which is not a good signal for your hair. Coloring of hair is natural; any modification by you for your desire may cause you to harm your hair forever.

Avoid rubbing you hair

This is main factor to start hair fall. When you rub your hair with towel some hair might tangle with towel. That is the main cause of suffering from hair fall because wet hair has greater chance to damage by rubbing. Rubbing is also cause of split ends of hair. People often use some machines to dry their hair. Use wide-tooth comb because it is useful to reduce hair fall. When you use it, your hair will not be pulled or tangle with comb. If you use brush, use soft brush with sponge like base.

Stay healthy

Your health also affects you hair, it is often said that “condition of one’s hair is often reflection of his/her body health”. Take care of yourself eat good, drink plenty of water, have enough sleep, don’t have tension and follow health instructions to remain healthy. If you are healthy, chances of your growth increase. Vitamin B (B6, B12) create red blood cells and help to grow hair. Carefully select you diet which is beneficial for your health, skin and hair. Best foods for vitamin B6 and B12 are chickpeas and wild salmon respectively. See best foods for your hair.

Avoid having tight caps and hats

Always avoid from having tight hats and caps because these can pull hair from scalp. A tight cap could cut off circulation of blood and in resulting deadened you hair. These will cause pulling hair when you wear it and when you take off it. If you wear a hat all over the time can cause your hair to become flattened. 

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