Fad Weight Loss Programs

Fad Weight Loss Programs

Recently, I was doing the man thing and surfing the channels and came across a show on TV showing people that are overweight trying to weight loss. Being interested in weight loss I watched for a period of time. Then returned the next week to see how they were losing fat by the buckets full. Some would lose amount equal to 1/2 their original body weight in a relatively short period. After watching I thought this was great but later reevaluating my thoughts. My questions to myself where; Is this way of weight lose a good practice? Are they setting a good example for the majority of the overweight population? Can this experiment be recreated in the real world? Can the average person afford a personal trainer, a dietitian and sabbatical from work? Well the answer I got was NO! We see people that are grossly obese going on a show that thousands of people had probably interviewed for. We see the contestants being kicked off because they didn’t lose enough weight. Now I do realize this is a reality show and it’s there to make money for the advertisers by promoting their product or service.

Let’s answer the questions.

Is this a healthy way of losing weight? The answer would have to be yes and no. The yes is, they are under strict nutritional regiments guided by a dietician on staff, a professional trainer guiding them through several hours of exercise per week, a doctor that monitors their vital statistics, move to weight lose camp. That would a great thing having no junk food and a much regimented/structured life. Have no job to go to that is going to get in the way of your schedule of weight loss. Lose weight and lastly get a healthy check at the end if you win. The IF for winning is pretty big.

Now let’s look at the no’s. First and foremost most of us don’t have loads of money put some where that we can hire a doctor, dietitian, and trainer, go to a weight lose camp, take time off work and not get paid. Lastly and I believe most important spend weeks away from family. Next, if someone does all of those things for you have you truly learned anything. Did you learn how to weight loss exercise from home or if you can afford to go to a gym and use their equipment. Have you learned what food to eat or not eat do you know the reason why you shouldn’t eat certain foods. While you were at camp the food was there for you. Have you gone shopping for yourself to purchase your own groceries and if so did you have someone to call or email if you have questions. As for your Doctor if you are overweight, have health issues or just feel you need to be monitored by a doctor then you will still need that.

The bottom line is we need to take responsibility for ourselves. We need to stop blaming someone or something else for our weight. Using excuses like; I have big bones, I have a medical problem, I have bad genes, My parents where heavy, How am I supposed to know what 1 serving looks like? These are but a few reasons/excuse. Realize that you can lose weight and regain your health while living at home.

In conclusion, I recommend you look to someone to give you advice on weight lose. Look for someone that has experience that helps to guide you along. When talking to them ask question like how long have you been helping people lose weight. Feel comfortable with him/her. Once you decide on someone tell them the truth. Take their advice, listen to them. You wouldn’t go to get your car fixed at reputable mechanic then tell him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Trust them to tell you the truth even if you don’t like it. If you don’t understand ask them to explain again and again if necessary. If you’re having a problem with something let them know. I’m not a mind reader and I haven’t met anyone that is. Remember you didn’t the weight over night so don’t expect to weight loss the weight over night. If you need to purchase a specific product ask questions. Is it all natural, are there any stimulants, is it organic, and is it pesticide and herbicide free? Remember, ask questions. And I tell everyone that I’ve worked with it’s about eh journey not the destination. Life is short, enjoy it. Be healthy.


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