Easy Weight Loss Tips for the Guys

Easy Weight Loss Tips for the Guys

Say the word “diet” and you generally think only of women. It seems to be somewhat true, men rarely say they are on a diet! However, the health problems associated with being overweight are certainly not confined to women only. Guys frequently need to consider weight loss a few pounds, not only to feel better about how they look, but to also improve their overall health.

So, what can the guys do to lose that belly fat, drop those pounds, and look and feel younger without committing to a specific diet? All it takes it to make a few life-style changes, work at improving food choices, and think about making these long-term, lasting change to be successful. Ask the women who have experienced the weight loss rollercoaster; they’ll tell you whatever you do it has to be permanent and easy to stick with.

For starters, buy a scale and use it. Make sure you do not use it obsessively. Remember guys, there is very little point in daily weigh-ins other than adding to the frustration of sticking with any kind of weight lose plan. Doing a weigh in o once a week is sufficient.

When doing the weigh in, make sure the scale is placed on a hard floor, tile in the bathroom, or hardwood in a bedroom or hallway so the reading is accurate. Pick a schedule; make some goals for how many pounds you may realistically be able to shed in a three-month period. Next, weigh in every Monday morning, or every Saturday morning. Keep a chart by the scale and record your weight loss. This can be a great motivator to stick with your plan. Once you see some hard evidence of the pounds dropping off, reward yourself with a new tie, a new CD, something you’ll enjoy and help keep you focused on your goals.

Use the Internet to gain valuable knowledge, looking for tips that encourage permanent life-style changes and steady and sure weight loss. Remember too that weight loss is more than just counting calories. It’s all about making wise food choices too.

Try to avoid all the extra sauces and condiments, they will definitely add to the calories. Beyond just looking up calorie contents of popular foods, the Internet is packed with weight-loss tips and information. Check out the USDA’s latest interactive food pyramid for some great personalized plans. This interactive site can help you chart and track your progress, has recipes, and plenty of wonderful information on choosing healthy foods.

Watch out for foods with heavy cream and cheese-based sauces. These are loaded with calories. You don’t have to skip that cheeseburger if it is made from good, lean ground beef and you pack the sandwich with veggies rather than condiments. Learn to use fresh and dried herbs to liven up the taste of foods rather than heavy sauces. There is no reason why you can’t carry a packet of one of the salt-free, all herbal seasonings in your pocket if you eat out a lot.

Keep in mind that simply adding a walk to your day will speed weight loss. If you can’t do it every day, try for at least three days a week. Incorporate it into your life. Volunteer to walk the dog every day, take the stairs rather than the elevator, park your car way out at the edge of the lot and walk, etc..

Making just a few adjustments to your eating habits and your level of exercise can lead to successful weight loss and a new and healthier body.


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