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Discover How Cheating Helps You Drop Stubborn Pounds

Untangling your weight loss problem can seem difficult but there is a method for simple weight lose. This article shows you how to drop weight fast and easy by using a strategic cheat day each week.

Have you ever felt like you had to pump yourself up for weight loss? This is because past experience with dieting made you rely on willpower to get any results. But there is an easier way and the idea is so simple you will wish you had learned it years ago.

Research into how your body burns fat has revealed the role of a very important hormone in your body called leptin. As it turns out leptin is the reason diets have such a high failure rate.

Leptin’s job is to alert the brain and body when your calorie or food intake drops. So when you diet your leptin sends up a red flag. And your body springs into protective mode protecting your from the threat of starvation and the actions your body takes are NOT what you want when you are dieting.

To protect you from starving your body slams down the brakes on your metabolism. This is very bad of course because you need a fully functioning metabolism to burn body fat. Your body also weight loss turns up the production of the belly fat storing hormone, cortisol, and the hunger stimulating hormone, ghrelin.

In other words when you go on a diet your body stops burning fat, stores more fat in your belly and kicks your hunger up a notch. Ugh!

Here is where the simple weight lose method comes into play…follow me here. If you want to lose weight but your don’t want all of the negative side effects of dieting you must find a way to convince your body you are not starving. You do this by overeating!

Simple? You bet. Fun? Absolutely! The easiest way for you to weight loss is to diet for 6 days of the week and then on day 7 load up with all of your favorite foods. We are talking about pizza, burgers, pancakes, donuts, whatever your heart desires. This overfeeding restores your metabolism and while you will have a temporary water weight increase, research shows that your metabolism returns faster than fat is able to be produces so your diet gets the upper hand and your body stays primed for fat burning for the rest of the week.

Simple weight lose is possible when you learn how to add a strategic “Cheat Day” into your dieting week. I encourage you to try this and prove to yourself that this works.



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