Dieting Is Not the Way to Lose Weight

Dieting Is Not the Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a great concern, these days. Whether you are seriously overweight or simply want to lose a few pounds, it has crossed the minds of just about every human being. If it wasn’t, would shelves be lined with diets, pills, and books on how to lose weight? The problem is that many of these so called “solutions” are not solutions at all. In fact, they tend to make the situation even worse once you stop.

See, your metabolic rate is plays a crucial part in the weight loss game. However, when you participate in diet after diet, you end up slowing your metabolic rate down; significantly more with each attempt. Therefore, the more you try to diet, the more diets you try, the harder it is actually going to be for you to lose weight.

Losing weight is really no secret, the answer is quite simple; it just takes some work on your part. See, losing weight involves – in most cases – a complete lifestyle change. With this you will need to alter your existing routines in order to find time to lose those extra pounds.

When we exercise our metabolism increases. See, your body needs energy to perform every task, so the harder you push it the more energy it is going to need; hence the boost in metabolism when we work out. However, some exercises simply burn energy while others actually help you to lose fat. Strength training exercises build muscle; muscle burns more fuel and use more energy. Therefore, the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn.

Additionally, muscles burn way more calories than fat does. The more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn even while in a neutral state. Cardiovascular exercise does not give you this same result; when you are resting so is your body.

See, weight loss is not about the actual numbers you see on the scale. Rather it is about losing those fat stores you have throughout your body. With fat loss there is a natural loss of weight and increase of muscle tone. This is not something that can happen with the majority of diets out there. And, as if this isn’t enough to get you moving, you actually need to eat to lose when you are building muscle tone.

Executing a proper strength training regime two to three times a week will do great things for your body. It will not only boost your metabolism, self-confidence, and energy but it will decrease the number of cravings you may suffer from. Additionally, and something you will not see right away, it will prepare your body for the older years of your life, making it strong enough to fight off many nasty, life-threatening diseases.

Over a short period of time this will become second nature to you; working out and eating right will be a part of your life. In fact, it will become difficult to understand why you had not done this earlier. You will become more toned and fit than you have ever experienced, and look sexy in just about anything you wear. Losing weight should never be temporary, think long term and you will be well on your way to a healthy, sexy you.

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